SFAC’s vision “Children belong in safe families” was inspired by the words of Psalm 68:6 - “God puts the lonely into families

Mick and Brenda’s Christian faith was instrumental in their decision to move to Brazil and the subsequent evolution of SFAC into what it is today. 

While not all of the current team are Christians, they are united in the belief that the rights of vulnerable people, and those of children in particular, should be protected. This is a theme echoed throughout the Bible*. Time and time again, Jesus prioritised vulnerable people (e.g. stories such the good Samaritan and the sheep and the goats, and in the countercultural value he placed on children). 

SFAC believe that all children belong in safe families where they will receive the love, security, and care they need. When children don't experience this in their own family, SFAC believes alternative families are the best option (especially families that are representative of their community of origin). We aim to be a positive and active force in the lives of all children, especially made vulnerable by circumstance, regardless of faith background.

*Other Biblical references to caring for vulnerable children can be found on the Resources page.