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Two photos, one of a young black woman and the other of an older white man, are stuck on a yellow background next to a title "News in Brief - Vol 5 (July2021) A Mile A Day in May success, brownies, and birthdays - it's all going on!
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News in Brief – Vol 5 (July 2021)

⁉️ The question we’re all asking… ⁉️ Was all that walking in the rain back in May worth it?! 🌧 The short answer: YES! 🎊

Image Text: News in Brief - Vol 4 (April 2021) A year without international travel hasn't slowed us down! On the left are two polaroids of Ugandan men in a classroom environment surrounded by large pages of handwritten notes stuck to the walls
Charity News

News in Brief – Vol 4 (April 2021)

It’s been 12 whole months since Mick boarded a flight to Brazil – little did we know that would be the only overseas visit by

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News in Brief – Vol 3 (Feb 2021)

Our second international Protective Behaviours Foundation Level course is getting underway next week.  We were really excited to have people joining us from 10 different

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News in Brief – Vol 2 (Oct 2020)

We hope everyone is keeping safe during these strange times. It certainly stretches our ‘capacity to cope’ and feel and be safe. These are words

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News In Brief – Vol 1 (May 2020)

Lockdown might have confined us to our homes but somehow it hasn’t slowed us down – so far it’s been quite a year! 🤝 Look at

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