Founded in 2002, SFAC’s origins actually began in 1997 when Mick & Brenda Pease volunteered with a children’s ministry that cared for children in an orphanage in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As a practicing social worker of many years, Mick was intrigued as to why so many  Brazilian children (many, many thousands) were in orphanages or government institutions. 

In 1999 Mick was invited to do a piece of social work consultancy in Tajikistan by Tearfund and CORD. This was his first venture into the Asian context but, to his surprise, when it came to children, he observed many similarities to the situation in Latin America. Children that were orphaned, abandoned or in conflict with the law were all placed into institutions. Family care alternatives just did not exist.

In 2002 SFAC registered as a UK charity. With little financial support, no organisations backing them and no workers besides Mick and the trustees, SFAC started.

The vision was clear, “Children belong in safe families”.  The message was, "There are alternative models of care for children available such as prevention, kinship care, foster care and domestic adoption." 

SFAC quickly received requests from grass roots organisations wanting to hear about these options.

Subsequently, SFAC has worked with hundreds of organisations in almost 40 countries including Thailand, Colombia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, India, Uganda, Ethiopia, Romania, Cambodia and Kurdistan Iraq. In 2005 something had to change, the increasing demands for SFAC's services meant the work could no longer be squeezed in around Mick's full time job so he terminated his employment to concentrate on SFAC. Since 2008 Mick has been joined on a voluntary basis by Walter, Dan, Caitlin and Ranjit to meet the demanding need for SFAC's work. 

SFAC is  proud of our aim to work with organisations of any size; from governments to the small local charities in developing countries. We work with them in their own culture to deliver sustainable programmes that supports children living in safe families.

SFAC is thankful to those donors who have helped us on this journey, it is only with their help that is has been possible to put our vision and message into action.