Money Matters Part I

If you haven't read the intro to our Money Matters series we'd recommend giving it a read here

WHERE (Your Money Has An Impact)
  • Two people
  • Ten days
  • Four flights
  • Over 500 people in Brazil now aware of foster care, reunification, childcare law, and why children should not live in orphanages and equipped to change the way their communities care for vulnerable children.

Not bad for £250!?

How was this possible?

No, we didn’t pack Mick and Ranjit into a canoe with backpack and tent in hand! Mick was already traumatised by his teeth being in a bad way – I think a few months rowing the Pacific seas and sleeping in a tent would have been too much! But SFAC always looks to make sure we keep costs as low as we can.


SFAC’s approach is to work in partnership with those who ask us to assist them in developing family-based care. In Brazil we are working with members of the judiciary and they were able to raise the funds to cover the flights and accommodation. SFAC’s financial contribution – train fares from Leeds to Heathrow and some meals here and there!


SFAC didn’t charge a fee for the training and consultation provided during the trip as this would have made the costs too high for our Brazilian colleagues. Instead Ranjit volunteered his time and Mick’s salary was covered by SFAC


So the total cost to SFAC is £250 plus Mick’s salary (we’ll post more about the specifics of how your money is spent in an upcoming Money Matters post). 


The result:

400 members of judiciary (judges, court workers, lawyers….) given knowledge on childcare law and how children views and needs are considered in court decisions about where they live.

100 foster carers, prospective carers and social work/psychologists learnt how we support children and carers. 

Plus consultancy meetings with several local council groups and foster carers to develop and review their programmes and practice.


That means that SFAC donor’s money stretched a long way on this visit. For less than £1 per person, over 500 professionals and carers were equipped to help put children in safe families and to pass on the message that family based care is the best option for children.


I’d say that’s not bad value for money!


PS You can find out more about the Brazil trip here



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A little can go a looooong way – How SFAC went to Brazil and back for £250!

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