Mick PeaseMick Pease is the founder and director of SFAC. He married Brenda in 1971 and had 2 sons Mark and Kevin, and now 6 grandchildren. Mick worked as a social worker with local government children’s services in the UK for 37 years, predominantly in child protection, fostering and adoption.

In 1997 Mick and Brenda volunteered with a children's mission in Sao Paulo, Brazil for 12 months. Children of all ages were placed in an institution and Mick could not ignore the fact that most of them could and should be living with families, not in institutions. Whilst in Brazil he met Baroness Caroline Cox from UK House of Lords who suggested that he raise the possibility of foster care in Brazil! SFAC was born out of that discussion.

Outside of family and football (Leeds United!) Mick’s passion is to see children in families, not institutions (Psalm 68:6). He believes that children should be supported to remain with their family and community but when separation is unavoidable they should be placed with safe and suitable extended family members or foster carers.

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Dan Hope is a social worker whose interest in social work began when he worked in a children's home in the UK in the late 1990s. Dan has worked in local authorities in the UK as a child protection social worker and with children looked after in the care system. Prior to joining SFAC fulltime in 2017, he worked in the family courts where he was appointed to represent children and offer the court an independent view on what is in the child's best interests. He is also a practice educator for student social workers and won Practice Educator of the Year in 2016 at the National Social Work Awards.

Dan spent time working in an orphanage in Kenya in 1999 and is now a regular visitor to Uganda.  It was on one of these visits to Ugandan NGO, Calm Africa, that he connected with SFAC over a shared goal to support the development of foster care. Since then Dan has visited a number of countries with SFAC as a volunteer, including India where he met his wife, Caitlin, at a training event!

Dan joined SFAC fulltime as the Head of Training in July 2017.

He is an avid sports fan and loves playing cricket and watching his football team - Northampton Town 'The Cobblers'!  

Volunteers and Consultants

Walter YoungWalter Young has been a social worker since 1991 and now works as a consultant and company director. His consultancy work has brought him into contact with local councils, the NHS, charities, probation  and social enterprises. As one of the people who originally set up Team Fostering, a social enterprise providing foster placements for hundreds of children across the North of England, he is still involved as a Board member. In 2005 he met Mick Pease and, sharing the belief that all children deserve to live in a family, immediately wanted to get involved with the work of SFAC. Since then he’s worked with SFAC to support foster care programmes and other projects in Colombia, Romania, Ethiopia, Iraq, Uganda and Croatia. He’s a devoted grandad who is also very keen on hill walking, cooking, reading, travel and generally enjoying his life to the full.

Caitlin HopeAmongst other things, Dr Caitlin Lance Hope cofounded Basement Ministries, an Anglican faith community in Australia, became a barista (even though she can’t stand coffee!) and opened and ran a café, before heading back to university to complete a doctorate in clinical psychology.

A few years later (having worked as a school psychologist and with refugee survivors of torture and trauma) she moved to Kolkata, India to volunteer with a children’s home who were beginning the long process of deinstutionalisation. It soon became clear there was a huge need in India for psychological support & training in how to work with trauma survivors. So, thanks to an amazing community of donors back home, she returned the following year and has since worked alongside more than 10 different NGOs offering case consultation, training, supervision and group or individual therapy where appropriate.

It was in India she connected with SFAC at one of their training events. Dan Hope was one of the trainers and made quite an impression - they're now married and Caitlin has made the UK her home for now. 

Solicitor Advocate, Ranjit Uppal, has specialised in Family and Children law for almost 20 years and is dedicated to defending families’ legal rights, regularly representing children, parents and extended family members. Ranjit has been a member of the Law Society’s Children Law panel since 2005 and has served as a Deputy District Judge in the civil & family courts since 2010. He is also a member of the Law Society’s Immigration Panel and frequently receives instructions from local authorities to regularise children’s immigration status.

As an expert legal trainer Ranjit lectures to CAFCASS and to social services, as well as providing training in the UK and internationally on advocacy and best practice. In November 2014 Ranjit visited Uganda with a delegation from the Huddersfield Law Society to provide training to the Ugandan judiciary on best practice in Family Law. He also travelled to Patongo in Northern Uganda to help set up a child legal services clinic and met with the Ugandan Judiciary and contacts from UNICEF in relation to Child Care Law.

Ranjit recently won the Solicitor Advocate of the Year at the UK Law Society Excellence Awards. 

Tory Barrow is married to Glynn and they have 8 children - 5 of whom are adopted and 1 fostered. They now have 3 grandchildren who they feel they don't get to see enough!

Glynn and Tory have been active in pursuing James' mandate to care for widows and orphans in James 1 v 27 throughout their Christian lives. They are passionate about seeing displaced vulnerable children find families and have supported this work for many years. They have seen at first hand in Cambodia as well as in the UK, the damage institutions do to children and feel privileged to be able to take that passion for change into a practical demonstration of this by working with SFAC.

When not being activists they love to watch action films, go for long walks and discover great food by trying the many restaurants in their area.