Deep breath everyone… it’s time to talk money.

I know, I know... it's awkward, isn’t it?!

Money matters...

While it’s definitely not the be all and end all, and it certainly doesn’t buy happiness, there’s no getting away from the fact that money matters.

Having it matters and not having it also matters…


One of the first things people want to know about charities and NGOs is how they spend their money…

How much is spent on overheads, admin and fundraising?

How much goes directly to the ‘projects’?

If I give you my money will you use it thoughtfully, carefully and effectively?

These are all important, valid questions. At SFAC we really value every donation that comes in. We understand that it represents a sacrifice on the part of the donor and want to respect that sacrifice. We also value transparency so we thought we’d do a series of blog posts to tell you exactly where your money goes when you make a donation and what it achieves.


In addition, we believe, as Dan Pallotta argues in his excellent TED talk, that there are two other really important questions to ask a charity.

“What are your dreams? Your big, Apple, Google, Amazon scale dreams?”

“What resources do you need to make them come true?”


To answer some of these questions we’re going to start by telling you a couple of stories about how SFAC has been spending our donors’ money recently

A story about a little going a loooong way. 

A story about a small, grassroots organisations having a BIG impact

(Psst… This story may involve a bow and arrow and the words “Don’t shoot!”… Come on, you know you wanna read it now!!)

Then we’re going to share our dream with you, our hopes for the future… It’s a pretty huge dream but we think, with your help, we can make a very good start towards achieving it!

Then we’re going to tell you exactly what we spend your money on now and some new projects we’re hoping to start funding in 2017. We’ll outline what donations of various sizes cover and how you can give.

Finally, just in case we haven’t already explained ourselves properly, we’ll come back to why SFAC’s work is so vital.

So watch this space to find out more (and to get some resolution on the bow and arrow situation!). We’ll be posting a new part in the series each week.

And, as always, if you want to contribute to our work, you can do so right here.

We will be forever grateful. Without your support we wouldn’t exist.


Because, of course, money matters.


Caitlin Lance Hope

Caitlin is SFAC's go to psychologist. When she's not busy working for SFAC or hunting down the latest people and planet friendly products you'll probably find her playing around with paints and pens.
Money Matters – An Introduction

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