When self-confessed couch potato Graham Pollard hit on a plan to improve his
fitness – and along the way roped in his friend Nick Porthouse – it was good news for SFAC.

The two men, who have been friends since their teenage years and are now in their forties, will be taking on the Castle Howard Triathlon on 22nd July, and raising money for SFAC in the process.

Nick, who works for a software delivery company, was initially sceptical when Graham, a children’s social worker, told him he was planning to give up alcohol for a year and focus on a fitness programme of what seemed like monumental proportions.

Graham, however, was determined that this was no joke and was clear about his aim to get in better shape. As the father of two small children he wanted to improve his energy levels and be a positive example to them.

Once Nick had accepted the challenge there was no going back – although he does recall reflecting wryly, at the Leeds Half Triathlon which was part of their training schedule, that the organiser who cheerfully commented “no one has forced you to be here!” didn’t know the half of it. Neither of them had tackled anything like this level of sustained exercise and training before, and at the start Graham was the stronger swimmer and Nick the fastest runner of the two. Both of them have hugely improved and credit each other’s support – and a bit of healthy rivalry – for the progress they have made.

Sponsorship for SFAC was Graham’s idea – he has known SFAC’s Dan Hope through their professional lives and admires the charity’s aims and methodology. On a personal level, he felt that it enhanced the experience for him: “Doing something like this is such a personal culture change you want, if you can, to raise money for
something worthwhile along the way.” Nick, too, is raising money through personal sponsorship, but has also secured a £500 donation from his employer, Equal Experts, a software delivery company with an established culture of supporting employees in their individual endeavours. The company was highly placed in a national award for the quality of employee experience in 2017/18, and Nick feels the donation they have made is an example of that culture.

The triathlon which Graham and Nick are undertaking is Olympic distance, involving a 1500 metre open water swim – in this case, in the Great Lake at Castle Howard – a 45 kilometre cycle, and a 10 kilometre run. No mean feat, then, for two men who a year ago had not done anything of the kind, and it has not always been a smooth ride.

At the start of their training Graham had a slipped disc which limited the extent of his progress, and he then suffered a broken wrist – coming off his bike while cycling home from the gym – which was a further setback. None of it put him off, although both he and Nick both recall with some horror their encounter with a seemingly endless swarm of mosquitos while open water swimming. They also momentarily questioned their choice of event venue – having mistakenly assumed that Castle Howard would be a fairly flat course and then, when they went for a trial run, discovered a cycle ride that even the organisers describe as “hilly”.

Undaunted, they are now fitter, leaner and ready for the challenge on 22nd July, and SFAC will be better off for their sterling efforts – and your donations.

Fundraising of Olympic proportions

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