So what have we been up to since February 2019?

First off, we survived the biggest storm to hit Dripping Springs, Texas in 30 years. It nearly flooded us out of our accommodation. We then survived the hottest August bank holiday in the UK spreading our message at the Greenbelt Festival in Northamptonshire (whilst in a tent!).  We were expecting the weather to be the other way around! 

It truly has been a world tour since February. We have flown to the USA, Kenya, Australia and Indonesia. SFAC completed online training with groups in Morocco, Uganda, Indonesia, Kurdistan-Iraq. We have spoken about future work to people in Congo, Ghana, Lesotho, Guatemala, Belize, Turkey, Romania, Philippines, Brazil and Paraguay. 

SFAC hosted, in the UK, a Moroccan delegation of judges, government officials and charities. They were looking to see how social work and courts work together to protect and care for vulnerable children. The visit also included a charity cricket match between SFAC and Leeds Family Lawyers with two of the Moroccan delegation taking part. We are happy to say they are newly converted cricket fans!!!

Whilst in the USA Mick was interviewed for a podcast (forthcoming). Dan and Mick were filmed in a question and answer session about good practice in caring for children. So amazed was Ashlee, the interviewer, that she fell off her chair and broke her ankle (thankfully all fixed now!). 

Mick continues his journey as a first time author as we sell his books. Dan managed to sell three on a plane to Indonesia and one to an Uber Driver in the USA (Dan’s now thinking he missed his vocation in life!)

We have now completed writing our first business and strategic plans. We also had our first SFAC t-shirts and shirts made (fair-trade, organic and sustainable).

We have changed trustees, with Glynn Barrow leaving in June and being replaced by Deborah Shields in September. We thank Glynn for all his hard work and support over the 12 months he was with us and welcome Deborah (a barrister in children’s work). 

Finally, we had a training day on how to record videos (thanks Sean Tucker for putting up with our inept first goes!). This will help us transition to more online training – making us accessible to more organisations and reduce our need to travel. 

It has been a busy time with lots more planned to keep us occupied to Christmas. 

SFAC World Tour

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