SFAC provides training in best practice child care to organisations and governments. 

Currently we visit organisations to provide this training in person. Our training is adapted to the culture and organisation involved and can cover a variety of topics including educating people on why children are better off in family based care, how to set up and  deliver family based care and how to protect children*.


The training can take many forms, for example, workshops with NGO staff, lectures to university students, discussions sessions with foster carers and parents, and, sessions at conferences. The size of the groups vary from 100s to 2 or 3 and participants might be sitting on the floor in a mud hut or in a rows in a lecture theatre surrounded by cameras and recording equipment! Locations vary from remote villages to busy capital cities. We use local translators whenever necessary, sometimes providing the training in two or three languages at a time! We are adaptable! 

SFAC aims to support organisations of all shapes and sizes at whatever stage they are at in the journey towards family based care. We understand that each group has different financial capacities and we negotiate costs accordingly. 

If you would like more information or are interested in receiving training from our team please contact us via the form on the contact page.

*SFAC delivers training on a number of topics including:

  • Awareness (why children belong in safe families)
  • Development (how to establish family based care programmes)
  • Therapeutic care (how to effectively care for children who've experienced trauma)
  • Best practice in social work (how to conduct assessments to ensure children are safe, how to monitor children's situations etc.)
  • Judicial (legal systems and processes)
  • Management & procedures (systems, policies & procedures)