SFAC provides a range of training, advice, mentoring and consultation services to organisations of all sizes. We work with charities, governments and the judiciary and provide training in areas of social work practice, child care, therapeutic care, legal services and management skills. Our work has helped over 100 organisations in 30 countries. It has supported the movement from orphanage and institutional care to family based care, however we also recognise some children need to live in small family orientated children's homes.

Our work aims to give every child the chance to thrive by equipping those working with, or caring for, children with new knowledge, skills and resources to improve the level of care children receive. Together we can give more children the chance to thrive in a safe, loving and caring environment that meets their needs.

Mick providing one on one consultation to Joseph from CALM Africa

For more information how your organisation can work with SFAC, please click here to get a copy of our Partner Brochure.