John ElleringtonJohn Ellerington is married to Jane, they have 2 children and 4 grandchildren who they love to spend time with. John has practiced as social worker for the last 20 years predominantly working in fostering and adoption, he is also an independent member on a fostering panel.

Prior to entering social work John worked in the art business for 20 years before deciding to have a career change.
Recently John has semi-retired and enjoys his newly acquired allotment. When not digging out potatoes, he also enjoys walking and following his beloved Chelsea football club. John is an elder and worship leader in his local church.

John SwiftJohn has been married to Joy for 45 years; they have four children and six grandchildren. He’s now retired after over 42 years in various public health roles in local government and the NHS. He is author of the book ‘One for All’, a harmonisation of the four gospels.

John is a trustee of three charities, including one he established to support a school in Kenya.

When not involved with activities related to a large city centre church they attend, John and Joy spend their time gardening, birdwatching and reading historical novels.

Peter WhiTrustee - Peter Whitete is married to Sheila and they have 3 daughters and eleven grandchildren who keep them busy. Before he retired Peter was a debt adviser with a large UK charity.

Peter is very active in his church where he serves as an elder and is a trustee of another charity. In addition he leads a team raising money to provide education for children and training for adults in Africa, mainly Kenya.

Away from this he plays golf and has recently taken up Petanque. He cannot get Leeds United out of his blood and like others dreams of a return to the glory years.

Peter and Sheila also have an allotment where they both love to ‘potter' around.

Mick PeaseMick Pease is the founder and director of SFAC. He married Brenda in 1971 and had 2 sons Mark and Kevin and now have 6 grandchildren.

Mick has worked as a social worker with local government children’s services in UK (City of Leeds) for 37 years predominantly in child protection, fostering and adoption.

In 1997 Mick and Brenda worked voluntarily in Sao Paulo, Brazil for 12 months with a children’s mission. There were children of all ages placed in an institution and Mick could not ignore the fact that most of them could and should be living with substitute families, not institutions. Whilst in Brazil he met Baroness Caroline Cox from UK House of Lords who suggested that he raise the possibility of Foster Care in Brazil! From that discussion the UK Charity SFAC was born in 2002 and now works across many developing countries.

Outside of family and football (Leeds United!) Mick’s passion is to see children in families, not institutions (Psalm 68:6). He believes that children should be supported to remain with their family and community but when separation is unavoidable they are placed with safe and suitable extended family members or Foster Carers.

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