Our core staff team are all qualified, experienced professionals in their fields. We’re also excited to have started working with some local practitioners who have been trained by SFAC and are supervised by members of our core team. If you want to get to know any of our staff team a little better just click on their name or photo.

Mick Pease


Social Work

Dan Hope

CEO and Trainer

Social Work

Ranjit Uppal


Legal Work (Volunteer)

Dr Caitlin Lance Hope


Therapeutic Work

Hannah Pease


Joseph Luganda




We are privileged to have a wonderful group of people who regularly provide us with a thoughtful critique of our work.
Their diverse range of experiences and perspectives is essential to our work.

Malchesa is a social worker with Sepheo in Lesotho.

Andrew is the program assistant at Global Child Advocates in Thailand.

Delton is the manager at ABBA in Brazil

Catherine is a social worker with The Salvation Army in South Africa

Originally from Uganda, Christine is a UK based Social Worker working with children with disabilities.

Joseph is head of operations at CALM Africa in Uganda.

Hind El Jadid, Slimane Amansag and Mattie Khoory work for FAPE in Morocco.
Hind is a foster social worker, Slimane is FAPE’s director and Mattie is the foster care programme manager.


SFAC is governed by a board of trustees in line with our registration with the England and Wales Charity Commission.
Our board brings a wealth of experience and expertise to everything we do.

Philip Cotterill


Philip has worked in social care since 1971, including working with large international charities in East Africa. He was the Director of Kirklees Social Services department for over a decade. He has also worked as a consultant across the UK and been on the UK Trustee Board of the European Social Network, the major network for social services across Europe for 15 years.

Jane Booth


Jane began her career in the Probation Service, moving into mainstream social works few years later. With over 40 years of experience in social work, her focus has been on children’s care and protection. She has held a number of senior management roles including as Deputy Director of Cafcass. She currently acts as Chair of the Safeguarding Boards in Rochdale and Lancashire.


Deborah Shield


Deborah is a barrister specialising in Family Law.

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