Frequently Asked Questions about Donations

We hope the following answers some queries or questions that you may have. If not then please contact us through our email address You can also telephone us or write to us (details on the contact page on the website).

Donating to and Supporting SFAC

Can I donate my time or skills to SFAC?

  • Yes, SFAC has volunteers and we are always looking for volunteers to assist us in our work across a wide range of tasks and operations. This can include assisting us to fundraise, help manage our social media pages, graphic design, assisting us with our website, help with administrative tasks; t0 volunteering time as a social worker, children’s lawyer, psychologist or trauma/therapeutic worker, health visitor, or a foster carer wanting to support carers overseas. You may also have a significant managerial experience that you may want to offer.
  • In addition, if you are a company and want to support us by offering your staff’s skills, time, and experience then we will be interested. For example, we have a company (Enzygo) that offers us the use of their graphic designer, or another company (THC) that paid for some animation work.
  • If you, or your organization, are interested in volunteering then please contact us at would love to hear from you.

If I want to donate money how can I do this?

  • We provide a number of options for people to donate to us.
  • On our donate page on the website, there are options divided by the country you live in.
  • For those in the UK the following options exist:
  • Monthly donations through direct debit, credit/debit card, PayPal, or standing orders.One-off donations through credit/debit card, PayPal, cheque, or cash.
  • Direct debit and credit/debit card payments are provided by a third-party (CAF) to SFAC through our website; or, you can go directly on third-party sites for credit/debit and PayPal donations (for example, MyDonate, VirginGiving, JustGiving).
  • Standing orders are organized by you instructing your bank to send money to our bank (RelianceBank). Details are on our website.
  • Cheques can be sent in the post to SFAC at our registered address or given to SFAC personnel on your behalf.
  • Cash can be given to SFAC personnel at an event or in person. It is not advised to send cash in the post.
  • If you give via a third-party provider they will ask you if they can claim gift aid for you on your donation.
  • If you give directly to us via Standing Order, cheque, or cash we will ask you to complete a Gift Aid form if appropriate (basic income tax UK payer). You only need to complete this once or if you change the address.
  • For those living in Australia, you can give via a partner agency ACCI (Australian Christian ChurchesInitiative) where you can claim tax relief.
  • For those living in the USA, you can give via a partner agency GCA (Global Child Advocates) where you can claim tax relief.
  • For those living anywhere else you can give to SFAC via our third-party online providers or direct to our bank.
  • The options, information, and links are provided on our website donate page.

What is the difference between a direct debit and standing order?

  • A direct debit is an instruction to an organization to take an agreed set of funds from your bank. A standing order is where you instruct your bank to take an agreed set of funds out of your account and send them to an organization.

Does all of my donations go to SFAC?

  • If you donate directly to SFAC through a standing order, cheque or cash then yes. We receive all your money and any gift aid.
  • If you donate via a third-party then we receive your donation minus administrative fees charged by that organization. This varies by provider but is normally within 3-10% of your donation. If you wish to ask us the percentage by your chosen provider then please contact us at

What does SFAC spend the money on?

  • SFAC uses any donation to fund our work in a variety of ways. All of your donations go to supporting us achieve our aim of children thriving in a safe family environment.
  • It will support organizations by subsidizing the costs of our training and consultation services who would otherwise be unable to afford it. It will support us to employ trainers to support organizations to improve their practice for the children they care for or work for. It supports our costs to be an effective and efficient organization that can provide support to those that want to improve how they care for children.
  • For further information, you can review our accounts on the charity commission website.

When might we contact you about your donation?

  • We would only contact you if there was any administrative change, error, or problem, such as payment stopped or amount changed. This is just so that you can check there are no problems and are aware of what is happening.
  • If you donate to us directly we will also contact you to check if we can gift aid your donation.

What information do we keep?

  • Please see our privacy policy for full information.
  • SFAC stores all information we receive on password-protected sites and does not share or sell personal information to any third party unless required to do so for law or statutory requests including the processing of gift aid.

How do I change or cancel a donation?

  • If you donate via a third-party you can contact them to change the amount you donate or cancel it. You will have a log-in account on that site or you can contact your bank or credit card provider.
  • If you donate via standing order you can contact your bank to change the amount or cancel the arrangement.

How can I trust SFAC’s fundraising?

  • SFAC abides by Fundraising Regulator Code and Fundraising Promise. You can click on the links to read more about the codes and promises SFAC agrees to follow in its fundraising events, campaigns, and actions.

Can I fundraise for SFAC?

  • Yes. You can arrange a fundraising activity in aid of SFAC of your own choice at any time. We love fundraising for us! If you want any assistance, advice, or fundraising materials please contact us at You can set up a fundraising page online on any platform you choose but we advise you to consider the different rates of commission platforms take from donations. MyDonate is the platform that we understand currently takes the least and we advise fundraisers to use this and link to our SFAC page on MyDonate.

Queries, questions, or complaints

  • If you have any queries or questions about donations or SFAC fundraising then please contact us at
  • If you wish to make a complaint please email complaint will be dealt with in three stages.
  • Stage 1 – A discussion with the SFAC CEO to assess, investigate, and resolve the issues identified. This will involve a discussion with you where appropriate and feedback about how the issue will be resolved. We will aim to do this within 14 working days from your initial complaint, but if it may take longer due to the issues involved or other reasons then you will be informed when the complaint will be answered.
  • Stage 2 – If the above does not resolve the situation, or you remain unhappy, the complaint will be considered by the trustees. They will assess, investigate, and resolve the issues identified. We will aim to do this within 28 working days from trustees being informed of the complaint.
  • Stage 3 – If you remain unhappy then you can complain to the fundraising regulator via email: or in writing to The Fundraising Regulator, 2nd Floor, CANMezzanine Building, 49-51 East Road, London, N1 6AH, or by phone to 03009993407.
  • A copy of your complaint and our responses will be kept on file by SFAC as per fundraising regulator guidance.
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