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At SFAC, expertise in international child protection and care across multiple disciplines (social work, therapeutic care and legal systems) is the core of what we do. We’ve worked hard to gather a diverse group of highly qualified and experienced professionals in each discipline (staff and trustees) from across the globe. This will be evident in their bios below. 

What might not be evident is the variety of lived experiences represented in our team – from those who’ve grown up in care, or been part of foster, kinship and adoptive families, to those living with a disability and other marginalised identities. 

We also have a fabulous team of support staff and oversight amongst our trustees in administration, HR, communications and finance. They ensure SFAC is run ethically and responsibly – making the most of every donation.

Mick, a 72 year old, UK white British man with short grey hair is  wearing a navy blue golf t-shirt. He's standing against a brick wall slightly smiling looking at the camera.

Mick Pease


From coal miner to social worker to global child rights advocate and a published author, SFAC’s Founder and President Mick Pease has over 35 years of social work practice experience. Alongside his training and advocacy responsibilities at SFAC, Mick prioritises spending quality time with his family and wife of over 50 years (wow!!). He is also an avid football fan and a season ticket holder at Leeds United.

Baroness Blake of Leeds, CBE


Judith Blake, the first female Leader of Leeds City Council, served for 7 years before stepping down to become Baroness Blake of Leeds – a member of the House of Lords in the UK Parliament. She was recognized for transforming public services and improving outcomes in Leeds. Her contributions to children’s social care services were noteworthy. As the leader of Children’s Services, she fostered partnerships to establish a child-friendly city vision for Leeds.


Photo shows Dan, a short, bald, overweight 40ish white male who wishes he was the exact opposite and sometimes has a ginger beard! He's in a light blue SFAC golf t-shirt with his head slightly to the left.

Dan Hope


A social worker with over 20 years’ experience, Dan Hope has worked in child care and protection at national & international levels. He is also a qualified practice educator of student social workers. The rumours concerning Dan’s status as a Northampton Town Football Club supporter are true; he has been promoted to: Full-Time Superfan! A role he will have to juggle alongside his commitments as SFAC’s CEO and Lead Trainer. He’s also internationally known for wearing odd socks! 

Headshot of Dr Caitlin Lance Hope, a 40 something white woman

Dr. Caitlin Lance Hope


Having lived and worked across four continents, Dr. Caitlin Lance Hope uses her expertise as a Chartered Psychologist and Protective Behaviours Trainer to translate complex psychological concepts into everyday language and actions. A dream weekend for Caitlin would definitely include something creative –  sewing, drawing, cooking, or pottering in the garden; hopefully spread out over the two days and not all at once and only on one continent!

District Judge Ranjit Uppal


(Pro Bono)

District Judge Uppal provides pro bono legal training for SFAC, contributing a wealth of experience in childcare law. He excelled as a childcare lawyer and was awarded Solicitor Advocate of the Year at the Law Society Excellence Awards, 2016. Judge Uppal has 13 years judicial experience. In his spare time, he enjoys training, running marathons, and following Liverpool football club.

Isabel, a thirty-something-year-old Zimbabwean woman with brown eyes and black braids is posing for the camera with a smile on her face.

Isabel Khumalo



Isabel is a passionate advocate for social justice and transformation, driven by her volunteer work empowering women leaders. Her law degree serves as a strong foundation in her journey. In 2015, she was honored with the prestigious Social Justice Award from the Institute of Reconciliation and Social Justice in South Africa. Isabel also enjoys reading and cherishes the beauty of captivating sunsets.

Sam a 20 something brown toned girl with black braids tied in a bun wearing a royal blue dress looking at the camera.

Samantha Nyabondo



A gifted communicator, Sam can tell stories in four languages – Chinese, English, Swahili, and her native Shona! She holds a Master’s in Journalism and Communications and a Diploma in Global Business Journalism and has lived and worked in China, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, Sam thrives when she’s able to use her skills to empower young women and children in marginalised communities. Outside work, she enjoys watching reality shows.

Srilakshmi, a 34 year old woman with brown skin and black hair. She’s wearing glasses the same colour as her hair and a pink salwar.

Srilakshmi Viswanathan


Srilakshmi, a mechanical engineer turned graphical designer, channels her creativity into graphic designing SFAC products. As well as her extensive experience in website layouts, content development, and creating visuals like posters, and leaflets Srilakshmi has written and illustrated several children’s books in Tamil. She is a social, fun-loving person who enjoys creating dance reels with her family, as family is everything to her.

Joseph, a Ugandan man sitting on a chair wearing a striped shirt with a slight smile on his face, is looking at the camera.

Joseph Luganda


A teacher turned para-social worker from Uganda, Joseph is passionate about making a positive impact on people’s lives. With over 11 years of experience, he has established and managed a foster care system, including a programme for child-headed households. Along with his love for football (supporting Liverpool), Joseph enjoys traveling, teaching, and eating his favourite foods –  fish, bacon, cornbread, and potatoes.  Joseph is currently completing his social work degree. 

Leah Denes


Leah is a dedicated social worker specialising in child protection and supporting families and children. She has experience working in parenting programs and assisting children and adults with additional needs. Leah’s passion is to be a part of families’ lives helping them to recognise their strengths. Based in Australia, she actually prefers London weather! Her current goal is to become fluent in Spanish within a year.

Celina Shallard


Celina is a qualified social worker registered with Social Work England, specializing in child protection, family courts, and childcare. She recently became a certified reviewer for significant incident learning in childcare cases and has written safeguarding policies and delivered training to international charities. Fluent in Spanish and French, Celina also enjoys spending time with family and friends and loves being outdoors.

Naomi is a white woman in her 60s with wavy mid-brown hair and grey eyes. She is wearing a brown and blue top, a necklace, and has a bright smile on her face.

Naomi Deutsch


Liz is a white woman in her mid-40s with long dark blonde hair and glasses. She is wearing a green blouse and standing in front of a colorful flower bed.

Liz Wilson


Liz is a certified social worker registered with Social Work England with over a decade of experience working with children and families in Latin America and with asylum seekers in the USA. She has post-qualifying awards to train and support social work students. Liz is an avid traveler with work and living experience across 5 continents, speaks Spanish, and enjoys summer weather only!


Nigel,  a 70 year old glasses-wearing man with, at best, limited short grey hair is smiling at the camera wearing a faintly stripped black suit, light blue shirt and a pink tie.

Nigel Priestley


Nigel is an award-winning solicitor and Senior Partner at Ridley and Hall Legal Ltd. Specializing in adoption and kinship care, he is a member of the Law Society Children’s Panel. Yorkshire Solicitor of the Year in 2017 and MBE recipient in 2021 for his dedication to children and families. He and his wife have three children, two of whom are adopted. 

Sarah, a 30 (almost 40) woman with short blonde hair and glasses wearing a navy blue shirt sitting in an office and looking at the camera.

Sarah Mitchell


Sarah, a Senior Manager at Deloitte with a passion for Change and Transformation is the first female apprentice in the UK Financial Services industry. From Scotland, she grew up with foster siblings, and now calls the vibrant North of England home, alongside her husband, two children, and two dogs. Sarah enjoys  reading, writing and exercising.

Idris, a lively dark toned man wearing a white shirt with a blue tie and blue suspenders smiling at the camera.

Idris Muyiwa


 Idris is an experienced chartered accountant with a proven track record in asset management, advisory fund accounting, finance process improvement, and business partnering across private and international development sectors. He is driven by his desire to contribute towards improving children’s lives, ensuring their safety, love, and brighter future. His all-time favourite movies are The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Jane Booth


Jane is an experienced independent social care consultant and former senior manager within the public sector. With over 40 years of expertise in child care policy, she has chaired safeguarding boards and conducted statutory reviews. Jane’s extensive background in social services and leadership roles spans various organizations, including Cafcass and the Social Services Inspectorate. A loving mother and grandmother, she enjoys gardening and singing.

Neena, a middle-aged woman wearing a royal blue blouse smiling at the camera.

Neena Kamal


 With over 20 years of experience in HR, Neena works as an HR Adviser – Coach – Consultant –Trainer. She is a published author in India of the self-exploration book “Mirrored Monologues,” and the creator and presenter of the YouTube series “PeoplePoint”. Neena is a wife and a mother to a teenager who enjoys reading, traveling, cooking, Indian handlooms, and art.

Enzo Martinelli


Enzo has worked in several international settings on children’s rights and on the protection of vulnerable people, including children and young people with disabilities. An expert in organisational development, income generation, and project management, Enzo brings this skill set to SFAC to guide fundraising efforts for the charity. During his free time, Enzo enjoys travel, culture, and art.

John, a short smiling Geordie with short brown hair standing among trees and greenery wearing a short sleeved blue checked shirt.

John Woodhouse


John is a highly skilled social worker and former children’s home manager, children’s advocate, and local authority senior leader in the UK. He operates a company providing comprehensive safeguarding and leadership assistance to more than 2,000 children’s homes, schools, and other organizations. John leads a fulfilling life with four children and an action-packed routine of school runs, drama and sailing.

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