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Have you ever had a feeling (maybe a “gut feeling”) something wasn’t quite right but not been sure how to act on it? 


Maybe you’ve worked with children and families who seem to repeatedly put themselves in unsafe situations and you can’t figure out why?

(Perhaps they’re now in a safe situation but just don’t seem to be making any progress despite no longer being in danger…)


Or maybe you just want a better understanding of what people need to move from surviving to thriving....


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If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then we've got you covered. Protective Behaviours (let’s just call it PBs because, let’s be honest, the full deal is a bit of a mouthful!) is a framework that’s just as applicable in your personal life as it is in your professional life. 


Best of all, it doesn’t require you to change your current practices and processes (unless you want to!) - it simply enhances them.  


Consistent with recent advances in our understanding of the brain and the importance of safety to our physiological and psychological health, PBs will transform your understanding of stress and coping and equip you with a new way of working with them. 

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PBs has transformed the way we work and train here at SFAC and we can’t wait to see the change it brings to your organisation, too!


We have partnered with the Protective Behaviours Consortium to bring you the PBs Foundation Course. 


It’s accredited by Open Network College West Midlands and approved by the Feeling Safe Foundation. 

* Signing up to the waitlist is not a commitment to attending a course. We will email you when new course dates are available. You will not receive any other emails from us by adding your name to this list and your details will be stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

The Protective Behaviours Foundation Course is a fun, interactive and immediately applicable training. Here's some of what's included:

✅ Two themes to underpin your work (and lots of practical ways to include them in your day to day)

✅ Two concepts to help you explore difficult or challenging situations (for yourself or with those you support in your work)

✅ Seven strategies you can implement right away to help yourself and those you work with be and feel safe, develop a sense of belonging and have the best chance to thrive. 

✅ A comprehensive PBs ebook



🌟 Our PBs trainer, Dr Caitlin Lance Hope is a chartered psychologist who has lived and worked in multiple countries across 4 continents. She shares additional insights and practical tips drawn from her expertise and experience throughout the course.

🌟 Everyone who completes the PBs Foundation Course has free access to quarterly PBs Power Hours with Caitlin for two years after completing the course*. These one hour sessions are a chance to ask any PB related questions, discuss how PBs applies to a particular situation you or your team are struggling with and learn from how others are applying PBs to their work all over the world.  


* Subject to SFAC's financial resources and staff availability


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Costs & Course Options

We aim to make our training accessible to all.

Below you will see the full costs for each option. However, if they are beyond your organisation's current financial capacity, please contact us at, as partial and full subsidies and scholarships are available to organisations that meet our criteria.






✅  12 hours of training in a small group (max 18 in person or 14 online)

✅  PBs ebook

✅  Access to Power Hours

✅  Certificate of Completion





✅ Everything in the Basic option


✅ Assessment Workbook

✅ Level 2 Accredited Certificate from Open Network College West Midlands on passing your assessment

✅ Access to 4 group support sessions to help complete your workbook and assessment


✅ Everything in the Basic & Better options


✅  Monthly sessions over 12 months for 1 -3 members of your organisation to help implement PBs in your work and to discuss how it might apply in specific cases. 

(Monthly sessions can be continued after the 12 months depending on SFAC team availability)


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