Leave a legacy that lasts

Leaving a gift to SFAC in your will can be done in just a few simple steps*

We’re so grateful you’re thinking about leaving a gift in your will to SFAC. Gifts in wills are a generous source of voluntary income and we simply couldn’t continue to help children without your support.


Big or small, every gift makes a difference!

For a vulnerable child it’s the difference between…

  • thriving instead of just surviving
  • belonging rather than existing
  • identity not anonymity
  • being a name not a number
  • being cared for by a safe family instead of in an institution
  • being seen as the unique individual they are rather than just part of a crowd

These transformations can only happen with your help

Gifts in wills help us to educate, equip and empower adults involved in the care and protection of children all over the world to ensure children everywhere receive the highest quality of care.

Polaroid of woman and child

From governments and judiciaries who make the decisions to communities who provide care far beyond their own families. From charities working in crisis prevention to young social workers learning the ropes. From those working in children’s homes to organisations creating new services to prevent children from being separated from their families. 

Your gift enables us to work hand-in-hand so children everywhere can be and feel safe, have somewhere to belong and the best chance to thrive.

If you decide you’d like to leave SFAC a gift in your will, thank you – it means the world to us and all those we support. You’ll find all the information on what you need to do below or you can download a brochure here.


If you already have a will you can jump straight to Step 5!



1. Think about everything you own and its value – now get it all written down

  • Property
  • Savings & Pensions
  • Insurance policies
  • Jewellery & Collections


2. Think about your nearest and dearest and the causes or organisations that you want to provide for. You may wish to leave a set amount of money or a percentage of the value of all your possessions or a valuable item you want to gift. Any gifts that you leave to charity in your will are exempt from Inheritance Tax and, accordingly, they can reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax due on your estate.

3. Think about who you want to administer your estate and, if you have children under 18, you will want to appoint guardians for their care if the need arises.

4. Finally, it’s time to choose someone to help you write your will. We recommend a solicitor or legal professional to make sure it’s all done properly. You can find a solicitor through the Law Society if you haven’t already chosen one.

5. If SFAC is your chosen charity, (thank you!), your solicitor or will need to know what you have decided to give and the following details:

SFAC – Charitable Incorporated Organisation 1186903

C/O Bridge Community Church

Rider Street

Leeds LS9 7BQ


If you have any further questions about our work or about leaving a gift to SFAC in your will please don’t hesitate to get in touch at info@sfac.org.uk.

* SFAC is not responsible or liable for the advice given in this pack and we always recommend you seek qualified, independent legal and financial advice when considering your will.


"Leave a legacy that lasts" written on a sticky note surrounded by three polaroid photos of various families

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