Where in the World is Mick Pease?!

The last six months have been flat out for our team. Here’s a quick recap of what Mick’s been up to and what Brenda thinks about it!

Updates on the activities of other team members to come...


Mick’s Mission:

To collect as many air miles as possible in a short space of time!

(Maybe he’s planning to take Brenda on a holiday to celebrate her recent retirement?)

Brenda’s Mission:

To finally get Mick to slow down…


Who will win?!


Six Month Status Update:

International Trips: 6

Airport visits: 30

Airlines: 16

Flights: 32

Countries visited: 5


India (twice)


South Africa


Cities visited: 10

Organisations partnered with: 9

Partner visits to the UK: 1 - a team of government officials from Kurdistan. This last visit didn’t require travelling any further than Leeds city centre so, finally, there’s a point to Brenda!

Total Air Miles?! Around 60,000 (that’s a quarter of the way to the moon!)

People equipped to provide best practice care for vulnerable children: around 200!!

2 thoughts on “Where in the World is Mick Pease?!”

  1. Am George from Kenya and my question was to ask whether you have such a program me in Kenya?otherwise you’re doing a wonderful work,God bless you.

    1. Hi George, sadly we don’t have any such programmes in Kenya but we do in Uganda. If your interested drop me a line via our web site to see who we can put you in contact with.

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